Terms and Conditions

All companies are traded under the “Beatbox Disco” trading name which includes Beatbox Entertainment, Colchester Entertainers, Colchester Entertainment, Dream Discos, Beatbox Events, Beatbox Inflatable’s, FunLand Inflatable’s, Bouncy Castle Colchester and Children’s Entertainment Essex.
Beatbox Disco have the right to change its Terms and Conditions without warning and you will automatically agree to them. We you use any of our services you understand you also automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions without conformation or warning.

Booking Cancelation

If you cancel you’re looking for any reason, deposits will be lost and a penalty must be paid. If the penalty is not paid on time or is late expect legal action to be taken against you.
We have to charge penalty fees because when you cancel your booking, we get a loss of profit which needs to be charged onto the customer.

Beatbox have the right to charge a larger penalty notice without warning in experiential circumstances.

Over 30 Days Cancellation Notice – No Penalty - No refund on deposits
30-20 Days Cancelation Notice - £30 Penalty – No refund on deposits
19-5 Days Cancellation Notice - £45 Penalty – No refund on deposits
5-0 Days Cancelation Notice – £100 Penalty – No refund on deposits
Special Events such as Christmas and New Year’s events and other busy periods, please expect a larger fee and Beatbox can change up to the full amount on these events.

Staff Health & Safety

Our staff members have the right to work in a safe environment and if a staff member feels the need to leave the venue, the staff member does not need to ask permission and can leave at any time. Full payment still must be paid in full. In exceptional circumstances  
If payment is not received in full or the staff member needs to leave the venue before payment. We will expect payment to be sent online or by person in cash on another day. If payment is not revived in full expect legal action to be taken against you.

Damages to equipment

If damages to equipment are made because of drunken or guests getting out-of-hand we will expect the damages to be repaid and a penalty may also be charged. If the damages are not repaid please expect legal action to be taken.

Copying our websites content/images/design

If you decide to copy our content for none commercial or commercial purposes, please expect legal action to be taken against you.

We now accept Chip and Pin Payments

We need mobile coverage in your area to operate our machines, if your not sure if your venue has mobile coverage in the area please contact us with your venues postcode so we can check.

Streamline Chip and Pin