Magic Shows

1 hour Magic Show Party

Our one hour magic show party consists of 20 minutes of party dances and games, and the other 40 minutes will include the magic show. The birthday child is made the star of the magic show and will get to take a little something home after helping us with one of our magic tricks, but we never force the birthday child to help us if they don’t want to. The magic show is colorful and fun and is suited to the age group of the children. The magic show also includes fun balloon modeling.

2 hour Magic Show Party

This party involves two hours of none-stop fun, the party starts off with fun party dances, music, prizes, pass-the-parcel and bubbles! Then during the break for the food half-way throughout the show we will then setup the magic show, we will then do the magic show which is usually 30-40 minutes and includes fun magic tricks which are funny and colorful. The birthday child will receive the most attention throughout the show and will get to help with one of our magic tricks and get to take a little something home. I magic tricks we do depend on the age group of the children.

Magic for Weddings

To keep the children entertained during your wedding day, a children’s entertainer magician can exactly do this. With fun party dances and magic with lots of prizes and laughter, you can expect the children to be entertained. We can create the show so its suitable for mixed age-groups.

Playgroup (Aged Children) Magic Parties

We have provided our entertained services to some of the largest nurseries and playgroup companies in Britain including Busy Bees nurseries and pre-schools. Our magic is suitable for the age group and we will use lots of large visual tricks to keep the children’s attention throughout the show, instead of smaller props. The show also includes fun party dances, music, prizes, games and a bubble machine!


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